You are a business owner. You would like to understand what services a Chartered Management Accountant can provide to help you make more effective business decisions.

Chartered Management Accountants can provide a range of services to business owners. They can provide monthly management accounts, showing turnover and profit for the month and YTD. Monthly management accounts can also provide information on KPI’s that are crucial to the success of a business. An analysis of turnover and profit by service/product/customer can also be included.

The above information can provide an indication to business owners on the direction of their business. For example, what % of turnover is from emerging product/services compared with product/services that are either mature or in decline.

Chartered Management Accountants can also work with business owners who want to build dashboards. A properly designed dashboard requires thoughtful planning, informed design, and a critical eye for the right detail. This work requires a person who can see the bigger commercial picture, and question trends in data.

Your company is under pressure from customers who are looking for price reductions. How can a Chartered Management Accountant help your company?

Chartered Management Accountants can help your business by identifying what margin and profit (after allocating indirect overheads) your business is earning per customer or product/service. This will help a business owner to identify the scope for any price reductions, and where savings can be made. This work can be completed by using What-If-Analysis capabilities contained within Microsoft Excel. A range of scenarios can be tested to identify the best case worst case scenarios.

Your business is in the BTC sector. What can a Chartered Management Accountant do to help you expand your customer base.

A Chartered Management Accountant can help your marketing team identify existing and potential customers by accessing services such as Geo Address Fix which is available from Geo Directory data can be used in conjunction with software packages such as SpatialXL  and Alteryx Analytics