You are a busy executive working between home and the office,
who likes the features and functionality of Gmail for your personal email account.
What can Google offer your business in terms of corporate email
and productivity applications?

Google offer corporate clients a service called G Suite. Google offers tailored solutions to new business, small business, and enterprise clients.

What productivity applications do Google provide as part of the Suite?

Google provide the following productivity applications as part of G Suite:

  1. Gmail
  2. Calendar
  3. Google +
  4. Docs
  5. Sheets
  6. Slides
  7. Drive
  8. Hangouts

What differentiates G Suite from Microsoft Office 365?

Per an article in Lifewire, Google has nearly 70% of the global search engine market. Google includes Google Cloud Search as an application, providing clients with the ability to instantly search across their company content in G Suite, and the wider internet.

Can you integrate 3rd party applications with G Suite.

The answer is yes!! There are several 3rd party applications that a user can integrate with G Suite. These 3rd party applications can be found in G Suite Marketplace. Zoho offers a range of applications that integrate with one or more Goggle apps.

Your business is growing. You want to harness big data capabilities to understand more about the needs and wants of your customers. Where can you find what you this information?

If you are a G Suite client, and you want to harness capabilities such as big data you will need to set up a Google Cloud account. Through its Google Cloud platform, Google offers clients the ability to use Relational, MySQL and NoSQL databases. Clients can also harness Google capabilities in areas such as Big Data, Internet of Things, and Machine Learning. Finally, Google allows clients to run Virtual Machines on Google Cloud infrastructure.