Does your company employ 20 – 100 people? Are company executives working across different locations? Do employees use their own smartphones for work purposes? Are you concerned about securing your corporate data? Would you like to know more about IBM MaaS360?

IBM MaaS360

IBM have developed MaaS360 with Watson, which is an AI approach to unified endpoint management. IBM MaaS360 consists of three constituent parts, which are interlinked. They are Enterprise Mobility Management, Mobile Device Management, and Mobile Application Security.

The benefit to business of enterprise mobility software is that it provides one platform to manage and secure personal and corporate owned devices, across iOS, MacOS, Android, and Windows platforms. For people who use personal devices for work, there is a clear separation of corporate data and personal data.

The benefit to the IT manager of mobile device management is visibility and control of iOS, MacOS, Android, and Windows devices. For example, IT personnel can identify which staff members are using jail broken devices in the workplace.

The benefit to the client of mobile application security is the ability to develop app catalogues across a range of mobile operating systems. Another benefit of mobile application security is the use of app-level tunnelling, where private corporate data can be transmitted securely over public networks.

Why should you consider using IBM MaaS360 unified endpoint management within your organisation?

Firstly, the growth in the use of personal devices in the workplace. Secondly, the growing number of mobile workers in many companies. Thirdly, a move towards cloud versus on-premises applications. Finally, the implementation of General Data Protection Regulations within the EU, has resulted in many organisations reconsidering who should have access to corporate data, and on which platform.