Are you a busy executive who works between home and the office?
Do you work across different devices?
Do you always require having up to date information to hand?

Office 365 could be the perfect solution for you and your business.

If you are one of the above people, Office 365 in the cloud can solve many of your needs. Purchasing an Office 365 license (monthly fee, annual commitment) allows you to download Microsoft’s famous productivity applications Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, and Word on five different devices excluding your mobile phone.

Would you like to be able to send and receive work emails where ever you are?

Purchasing a Microsoft Hosted Exchange Licence (annual commitment) in conjunction with an Office 365 licence, will provide you with the ability to send and receive your work emails across 5 different devices. You will be able to access your emails via Microsoft Outlook, or by logging into the Microsoft office portal.

Attending a lot of client meetings, how can you keep accurate minutes of meetings?

Subscribers to Office 365 in the cloud, can use the One Note application to record the minutes of meetings they attend. These recorded minutes can be automatically synchronised across all devices on which Office 365 is installed.

Can you get access to additional applications
with Office 365?

The answer is yes. Depending on which Office 365 plan you opt for, users can get access to Skype for Business, and Power BI. You can also access additional applications via the Office 365 store. An example of this is Microsoft Project in the cloud.

How do you access your Excel spreadsheets, Powerpoint slides, Word Documents?

If you purchase an Office 365 licence, you will have access to Microsoft One Drive for Business. You can save all your work files here, and retrieve them as required wherever you are. One of the major benefits of Microsoft One Drive for Business is that all your important work documents are securely saved on Microsoft servers. No need to worry about backing up your documents at the end of the day.